Character Equipment

Equipment editor

The Equipment Editor can be used to define equipment types. These types identify where an item can be equipped on a character.


A mountpoint is a location where items can be equipped onto. These mountpoints can be defined as Unity MonoBehaviours, but can also be kept as just plain data objects.

The IMountPoint<T> interface can be implemented to define your own mountpoints.

The mountpoints are responsible for visualizing the items onto the characters. By default the following mount points are included.

  • ClothMeshMountPoint (For equipping cloth meshes, ex: cape)
  • SkinnedMeshMountPoint (For equipping skinned / animated items, ex: pants)
  • StaticMeshMountPoint(For equipping static meshes, ex: sword)

You can create mountpoints by attaching one of these to a GameObject on your character. It will automatically show up in the Unity Equippable Character component. You'll then specify which mountpoint an item can use by typing its name in the Item's Mount Point field under Equippable Item Info in the Rucksack Manager.

Equipping An Item

You can equip an item with the IItemInstance.Use() function. The example below creates a new Item Instance from an item definition and uses the instance.

using Devdog.General2;
using Devdog.Rucksack.Items;
using Devdog.Rucksack.UI;
using UnityEngine;

public sealed class MyItemCollectionSlotInputHandler : MonoBehaviour, ICollectionSlotInputHandler<IItemInstance>, IPointerClickHandler
    public UnityItemDefinition itemDefinition;
    public IItemInstance itemInstance;

    private CollectionSlotUIBase<IItemInstance> _slot;
    private void Awake()
        itemInstance = ItemFactory.CreateInstance(itemDefinition, System.Guid.NewGuid());

    // Link this in a UI button click/touch to equip this item
    public void Equip() {
        // Attempt to equip the item to the current player
        var equippedResult = itemInstance.Use(PlayerManager.currentPlayer, itemContext);

        // Check the result of the action to see if it worked
        if (equippedResult.error == null) {
            // The Equip action succeeded. 
            Debug.Log("Item equipped!");
        } else {
            // Something went wrong.
            Debug.Log("Equip error:" + equippedResult.error.message);


The UnityEquippableCharacter is the built-in equippable character class for equippable characters. This class can be used 9/10 times. If you like more customization you can implement the IEquippableCharacter<T> interface.


The IEquippableCharacter<T> interface can be used to define an equippable character. This can be your main player, an NPC, or even a spaceship. The built-in UnityEquippableCharacter can be used in most cases.

Also see Custom equippable character