Character Equipment

Equipment editor

The Equipment Editor can be used to define equipment types. These types identify where an item can be equipped on a character.


A mountpoint is a location where items can be equipped onto. These mountpoints can be defined as Unity MonoBehaviours, but can also be kept as just plain data objects.

The IMountPoint<T> interface can be implemented to define your own mountpoints.

The mountpoints are responsible for visualizing the items onto the characters. By default the following mount points are included.

  • ClothMeshMountPoint (For equipping cloth meshes, ex: cape)
  • SkinnedMeshMountPoint (For equipping skinned / animated items, ex: pants)
  • StaticMeshMountPoint(For equipping static meshes, ex: sword)


The UnityEquippableCharacter is the built-in equippable character class for equippable characters. This class can be used 9/10 times. If you like more customization you can implement the IEquippableCharacter<T> interface.


The IEquippableCharacter<T> interface can be used to define an equippable character. This can be your main player, an NPC, or even a spaceship. The built-in UnityEquippableCharacter can be used in most cases.

Also see Custom equippable character