Collection UI

Using the ItemCollectionUI a UI (uGUI) can be defined for a collection.

Item Collection UI


  • Prefab: The UI prefab used to display a single item.
  • UI Container: The container in which the slots will be stored.
  • Collection Name: The name of the collection that we intend to display here.

Collection Creator

The collection creator component can create a new collection.


The collection name set in the ItemCollectionUI component has to match the name set in the ItemCollectionCreator component.


Walk through

  1. Create a new empty object inside your canvas and name it "MyInventory".


  1. Attach the ItemCollectionUI component. Or see CollectionSlotUI on how to implement your own.


  1. Set UI Prefab. This should be a prefab that has the ItemCollectionSlotUI component, or a component inheriting from CollectionSlotUIBase<IItemInstance>.


  1. Create a new empty object inside object created at step 1 (MyInventory) and name it "Container". Drag this object into the "UI Container" field.


  1. Set the collection name. This has to match the name in your collection creator.

  2. A UIWindow component was added when we added the ItemCollectionUI component on step 1. We can add a UIWindowInputHandler component to show / hide the window when a key is pressed.



The CollectionUIBase<T> class is a useful helper class that you can use to implement a custom collection UI. You're not required to use this base class.


Slots represent a single item and all of it's information in the collection. See Slot UI for more details.

Custom collection UI


The UIQueuedMonoBehaviour<T> is a base class that queue's up changes and repaints everything at once when the UI becomes visible. If the UI is already visible at the time of the change a repaint will occur instantly.

Elements that are affected multiple times will only be queued once, and thus, will only repaint once.

public sealed class ItemCollectionUI : CollectionUIBase<IItemInstance>
    protected override CollectionSlotUIBase CreateUIElement(int index)
        var inst = (CollectionSlotUIBase<IItemInstance>)base.CreateUIElement(index);

        // Do something to newly created UI slot instance.

        return inst;

    protected override void Repaint(int slot)

        // Do something else.
        // Note that you can also handle the repaint in a custom slot class.