Collection Group

A Collection group allows you to bundle multiple collections together, and run methods on all of them at once. So, why is this useful?

Imagine your player has 3 inventories and you wish to add an item to the player's inventory. Instead of finding in what collection you want to add the item, simply use a CollectionGroup and let the group figure it out for you.


Each entry in a collection group can have a priority. Items will be added to the collections in order of priority.


Here we're giving col1 a priority of 60. This will place new items in col1. Once col1 is full, the items will be placed in col0.

using System;
using Devdog.InventoryPlus.Collections;

var col0 = new Collection<IItemInstance>(5) {name = "Collection0"};
var col1 = new Collection<IItemInstance>(5) {name = "Collection1"};

var group = new CollectionGroup<IItemInstance>(new []
    new CollectionGroup<IItemInstance>.Slot(col0),
    new CollectionGroup<IItemInstance>.Slot(col1, new CollectionPriority<IItemInstance>(60, 60, 60)),

Collection restrictions

When adding / removing an item the collection group will try to find the first collection that accepts the action. When a collection restriction prevents the action on the collection the next highest priority collection is tried.